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Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Goals in the Right Ways.

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My Story

I graduated with Business Administration Major from Polytechnic State Jakarta. And after graduating a bachelor’s degree, I joined with E-commerce company as Assistant Merchandising Manager at

I am passionate about startup and digital marketing. I have had a blog since 2009, and I made it during Senior High School. The name of the blog is

At the end of 2021, I decided to join the Full Stack Digital Marketing (FSDM) program at RevoU to enrich my digital marketing knowledge and experience for six months.

In the FSDM, I learned digital marketing from experienced digital marketers from top companies, such as Traveloka, Mindshare, HappyFresh, Ex. Lazada, The F Thing, Ex. Zalora ID, Kredivo, and RevoU.

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Phone: +62 857 1000 1060